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SIRUI TXL Traveler XL Series – Taller Travel Tripods

Following tremendous feedback from customers all of the world, SIRUI created the TXL series – the “big brothers” of the acclaimed TX series.

Designed with a taller working height and even stronger legs, the TXL series easily handles any situation. While offering bigger features, the compactness that made the TX so popular remains. When closing the tripod down. the legs fold through 180 degrees, with the tripod head nestled between the legs, meaning it doesn’t add to the overall length of the closed tripod, and keeping the closed length to an easily transportable 47cm.

Each leg section is secured with a twist-lock. This lock style incorporates a sealed ring, preventing dust and debris entering the system. Besides offering greater locking power, twist locks in combination with anti-rotation leg tubes offer much faster set-up and close down of the tripod, and are also much easier to operate with cold or gloved hands.

Non-slip rubber feet ensure stability on almost any surface, while. The Series 2 models T-2004XL, T-2204XL are further equipped with rubber feet and twist-out metal spikes – great for muddy conditions or ice.

The TXL series also incorporate SIRUI standard features, including a stabiliser hook on the center column (just add a stone bag or camera bag for improved stability in windy conditions) and two “leg warmer” cellular rubber grips, offering better grip and improved comfort in cold conditions.

Available in both Aluminium (T-1004XL and T-2004XL) and SIRUI’s 8x Carbon Fibre (T-1204XL and T-2204XL). Unique to SIRUI, Carbon 8x offers superior performance, with low weight, better vibration control, and remarkable stability.

  • T-1004XL, T-2004XL  - The highest quality aluminum in 4 sections
  • T-1204XL, T-2204XL  - Carbon 8x carbon fibre in 4 sections
  • Legs fold through 180° for compact closed size
  • Twist locks offer superior locking and speed of set-up
  • Reversible 1/4 "& 3/8" screw for tripod head or camera
  • Includes and additional short centre column for ground level photography
  • Locking screw for tripod head
  • Stabiliser hook & insulated “leg warmer” grips
  • Supplied with a quality tripod bag and strap



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